Lovely Lilacs

One of the pleasures of living in Tehachapi is enjoying Lilacs (Syringa) in spring.

Their requirements for winter chill and alkaline soil make them a natural choice for the garden that would benefit from a large shrub. There are literally hundreds of varieties to choose from and our local nurseries have a large variety in stock. I don’t know which variety I have, but one thing I am sure of, it is not the common Lilac. This large shrub came with the house and it has very large flowers that are a paler purple than the species, when fully open. Their heavy perfume scents the air for several weeks, and I love to cut a few blooms to bring indoors.

They don’t last long in a vase for me, but their abundance keeps an ample supply coming for weeks.

I have tried all the recommended methods of cutting and chilling, etc… to make them last longer, but to no avail. They still only last a few days inside. Maybe thats why they seem to be such a luxury to me. If any of you have some insight into keeping them longer in the vase I would appreciate knowing your secret!

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Anna Smth

Terre Verte Landscape Design began in 2003 while Master Gardener Anna Smith was the staff horticulturist for Kern Counties only botanical garden, Mourning Cloak Ranch. Read More

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