Helping you achieve the garden that perfectly fits your needs is our top priority.


The benefit of a well designed and installed landscape is that it adds value to your home, takes into consideration all the ways you want to use your outdoor space, and meets your criteria seamlessly, with a sense of beauty and style.

Our method of achieving these goals is to create a detailed master plan tailored to your unique home site. Each location has its built in assets and inherent problems that need to be addressed. We believe that spending time analyzing those conditions and discussing our clients needs and desires brings about the best landscapes. As we learn how you see yourself using the property, and what you enjoy most, and least about your landscape we can create a custom plan that capitalizes on the strengths and natural beauty of your property while correcting any problems.

We have found that being involved in the installation process is a good way to make sure that the design concepts are communicated well to the contractors and other landscape professionals who are on the job. We offer our project management services to help your installation go smoothly, stay within budget, and get done in a timely manner.

Consulting on an hourly basis is also available for those who don't want a master plan drawn up but just need a little help with the details of their project. I call this "Garden Coaching". We walk the area together and make notes of specifically helpful information that can be used by the homeowner to complete their project themselves.

Our Landscape Design Process

  • The consultation

    Time for you to develop the vision for your garden space and communicate all your outdoor living goals. Many things will come from this interview process, but most importantly, this will be the beginning of a wonderful landscape & professional relationship.

  • Site Analysis

    Our opportunity to see the lay of the land. I will photograph, investigate your micro climates and soil type, then measure the property. Next we will note any problems that need to be addressed and all features to be highlighted. We are on our way!

  • Design Development

    A preliminary garden design recommendation presented in ‘Plot Plan’ fashion broken into planting zones. It shows all proposed pathways and patios, walls, water features, steps, lighting, outdoor living areas and of course- plants! We will meet for feedback and then make any necessary adjustments.

  • Final Plan

    An approved design complete with seasonal maintenance tips for the garden as well as pictures of each plant used in the design and a spread sheet showing how many, what size and type of plant your design will use, including both botanical name and common names of each.

Time Frame – From a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of your project.

Installation – A service that we can coordinate, coach or be your loudest cheer leader. Many of my clients enjoy taking a DIY approach. If you’d like someone to handle it all, no worries, we do that too.

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