April Showers…

I can’t believe the month of April has flown by so quickly! The shower of business I usually experience in March was a bit delayed this year, and hit me with deluge force in April. I wish I could say I have not posted because I was so busy in my garden (although I have been busy there too), but the truth is that the work bug has bitten me, and my schedule is cram packed from morning till night! Leave it to my husband to remind me that being a workaholic has no lasting rewards, and to remember what is important. So…, amid the crazy work schedule we planned a fun slumber party with three of our grandchildren. Their favorite nickname for my husband is “Pop Rich”. Pop Rich is great at planning fun stuff to do, and so he came up with the idea of creating a treasure map for each of the kids to follow, upon their arrival at our house.

These treasure maps lead them into the backyard, where moist soil and anxious fingers eagerly connected in a moment of childhood delight!

Digging with a hand trowel each one found (with some help from their daddy and grandpa) their own little treasure box filled with a little cash and a glow-in-the-dark bracelet. For children who are six, four, and two years old the experience was full of the anticipation of looking for a treasure prepared just for them, and the joy of finding it! As parents and grandparents we had so much fun watching them gleefully digging, the excitement of finding their little cardboard box treasure (that Pop Rich had decorated with their name) and then the satisfaction of ripping it open and finding a prize.

This was what gardens are created for: Interacting with the people we cherish, and creating memories that will last a lifetime!

I would enjoy hearing a memory you and yours have created in your garden this spring. I invite you to leave a story in the comments that we can all enjoy!

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