Our Client’s “Paradise” Found in Bear Valley

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bear valley landscape plan

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Project Details

This home’s landscape was guzzling water without giving the clients the beauty and ease of maintenance they desired. After the work was completed they were very happy with the new deer resistant, low maintenance and low water landscape they invested in!

The awkward space adjoining the driveway was turned into a beautiful focal point that includes a bird bath and seasonal flowers as well as a few evergreen grasses.

It was not only low maintenance and gorgeous, they were pleased with the thoughtfully placed trees that, when mature, will shade the house in the summer, reducing cooling costs, while the bare winter branches will allow the sunlight to warm the house in winter.

What Our Clients Say...

"It has been nearly a year since our landscaping was completed. Bob and I wanted to let you know how happy we have been. You transformed our property from a water guzzling high maintenance yard into a beautiful low maintenance, low water usage paradise.

We take joy daily in just looking out our windows or strolling around our house. With each change of the seasons a new delight is found in our yard. This spring and summer we watched hummingbirds surrounding the trellis overhanging with honeysuckle. Now we are enjoying the maples as their leaves turn a deeper red daily.

Thank you for listening to us. You took the time to learn what was important to us. Your years of experience were evident. You have in-depth knowledge of plants and what ecosystems they work best in. Your attention to detail was a big factor in the successful execution of our project. When I saw you hand picking the individual pieces of flagstone for our path, stone by stone, I could not help but be impressed by your dedication to the job.

We appreciated your professionalism. Your drawings allowed us to visualize how our property could be transformed. You worked hard to bring our project in at our budgeted amount. You provided us with step by step directions for seasonal care so our landscaping will continue to grow and flourish as the years go by. Anna, you earned multiply green thumbs up from us!"

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