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partial lawn replacement tehachapi

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Ms. Hansen contacted me to help her plan a major overhaul of her Tehachapi front yard. She wanted to shrink the amount of lawn and increase the amount of flowers for a lower water version of a cottage garden. There also needed to be a path that allowed easy access from the front door to the side yard. We needed to diminish the impact of an unattractive but necessary drainage swale that ran the length of the yard.

Using a low wall in the space helped to accomplish a few things:

1) it shields the view of the path and planting beds behind it, creating a sense of discovery as visitors approach the front door.
2) It delineates the large planting bed helping to break up the space and making it more in keeping with the cottage style.
3) The wall camouflages the unattractive drainage swale that runs from her side gate to the street by drawing the eye away from it.
A focal point bed bed in the center of the yard incorporates an existing tree and features a sitting area with a white metal bench and a bird bath that her daughter made for her.

Anchoring the corner, a large boulder near the driveway was brought in from a quarry her family owned for years in the nearby Mojave area, further personalizing the space.

Sue is now surrounded by plants that use less water and are planned to have a succession of bloom time as well as bring plenty of evergreen texture to the landscape year round.

With the water restrictions now in place Sue is pleased that she has reduced the amount of water guzzling lawn in her front yard and is considering replacing the rest of the sod with gravel in the future for an even more sustainable front yard.

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