Cashiers North Carolina Garden Study Group Trip

I am in Cashiers North Carolina this week at a landscape design studio with Mary Palmer and Hugh Dargan. Dargan Landscape Architects are celebrating 40 years of business and I am privileged to be part of a group studying gardens on site with them and then talking through what makes these places tick.  This vignette features a variegated…

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Revisiting Germander

Today I am inspired to revisit one of my favorite plants. There was an online request made by a landscape designer visiting the Association of Professional Landscape Designers forum asking for plant suggestions that would work for a drought tolerant, low growing,  very formal hedge. Immediately my mind went to Germander (Teucrium chamaedrys). I have…

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Bringing out the Beauty of your Property: #1

Landscapes and gardens at their best give us a respite, a place to cocoon ourselves in the comfort of nature and escape the pressures and stressors of everyday life. They provide multi-use spaces, places to connect with friends and family. No one is there unless invited, so we have an outdoor location where it is…

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Happy Spring Tehachapi!

The unusually warm weather here in Tehachapi the last week or so has ushered in a glorious spring! Near Tejon Ranch, on the way to Arvin,  I took this picture of California Poppies and Lupines. We drove down the road a bit and these verdant hills captured my heart! Yesterday the Forsythia and Daffodills put…

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