Landscape Design & Installation


Serving the Greater Tehachapi Area and surrounding Kern County

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Our Landscape Design Process

  • The consultation– Time for you to develop the vision for your garden space and communicate all your outdoor living goals. Many things will come from this interview process, but most importantly, this will be the beginning of a wonderful landscape & professional relationship.
  • Site analysis – Our opportunity to see the lay of the land. I will photograph, investigate your micro climates and soil type, then measure the property. Next we will note any problems that need to be addressed and all features to be highlighted. We are on our way!
  • Design development– A preliminary garden design recommendation presented in ‘Plot Plan’ fashion broken into planting zones. It shows all proposed pathways and patios, walls, water features, steps, lighting, outdoor living areas and of course- plants! We will meet for feedback and then make any necessary adjustments.
  • Final Plan– An approved design complete with seasonal maintenance tips for the garden as well as pictures of each plant used in the design and a spread sheet showing how many, what size and type of plant your design will use, including both botanical name and common names of each.



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