Alldredge Gardens, Midland, Texas

This week Rich (my hubby) and I are in Texas. The company he works for (XCOR) will be relocating here in the near future and we are here so Rich can line up Vendors for the manufacturing of the Lynx rocket. It gives me a great opportunity to get out of town, spend quality time…

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My Top Three Conifer Trees For Tehachapi:

My Top Three Conifer Trees For Tehachapi: 1) Incense Cedars- Calocedrus decurrens I like to use Incense Cedars for screening, and wind breaks when space allows, and they are an infinitely better choice than the much used Leylandi Cypress which are so short lived (around a fifteen year life span if well watered). Incense Cedars…

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Succulents in the Winter Garden

On winter days I spend more time looking out the window at the garden,than actually being in it. Watching birds and other wildlife, and enjoying the changes of scenery that our blustery late fall and winter weather brings. This is the time of year that I truly appreciate the evergreen plants in my garden. Their…

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Holiday Greetings

The wonderful thing about the Holidays is that is allows us here at Blue Oak Cottage to take a little time off and enjoy each other and our family, near and far. Traveling to visit loved ones and also entertaining at home. Writing Christmas cards, baking cookies, decorating our home, visiting Santa, and most of…

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