Visiting Charleston

I am suffering from jet lag. The usual symptoms: I’m tired, cant get a clear thought, and I really just want to go back to bed. But I could not wait to share with you all about my recent trip to Charleston, South Carolina! I spent several days with Hugh and Mary Palmer Dargan (renowned…

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Outstanding Design Plant: Roses

Roses are undeniably a favorite plant the world over, and Tehachapi has a great climate for growing many beautiful varieties. The only drawback to trying your hand at them here is that the deer love them. Think of your favorite desert… that is how I relay how much deer enjoy rose blossoms. In my garden…

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A Dry Creek Bed Under Construction

Yesterday one of my clients in Golden Hills started a complete landscape makeover. Elias Torres from 5 C’s Landscaping met with me in the morning to review the goals planned for that day. This morning when I met with him he had already done all the clean up, and brought the property to the point…

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Weed Impede to the Rescue

Pre-emergent herbicides are a God send. Believe me when I say that I truly stand behind organic practices as often as possible. But there are times when chemicals can be our friends and the group of herbicides call pre-emergent herbicides is a good friend and weapon in the arsenal it takes to win the war…

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