My Front Yard Oasis

As a designer my tastes have changed over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is my passion for adding new plants to my landscape, as well as editing out others that aren’t performing up to my expectations. At the same time I am increasingly aware that I can not responsibly use more…

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Water Wise Gardening for the Tehachapi Area

The need for water wise gardening in Tehachapi is a perennial theme that is always timely. Formed in 1986 in response to mounting inquiries for information on gardening with less water, the National Xeriscape Council was born. Since that time the term “Xeriscape” , which was created by merging the Greek word xeros- meaning ‘dry’…

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Seven Principles for a Great Xeriscape Garden

Guidelines by the National Xeriscape Council 1. Planning and Design Beautiful and efficient water wise gardens, begin with a good design. Conserving water in the landscape can be maximized if it is considered in the initial planning stage. Dividing the landscape into zones with differing water requirements will help with effectively managing the landscape. An…

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Invest in your Garden's Infrastructure

Once the design is in mind be sure to invest in the infrastructure of your garden. I have talked to literally hundreds of people about their gardens and when they tell me about their failures it almost always goes back to a lack of proper infrastructure; those boring parts of the landscape like sprinkler and…

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