Collecting Native Plants

March is the prime time for moving plants here in Tehachapi, so a couple of friends and I went to Horse Canyon to try our hand at digging up a few native plants for the Tehachapi Museum display garden. Georgette Theotig owns her own piece of paradise out there, and asked if I would like to help her and Harold Cox collect plants for the garden, from her property.

It was a beautiful day, and we started scouting around for small specimens as soon as we arrived.

It took quite a while to dig up each plant, as even the little ones have root systems that are quite developed, and we were trying to disturb them as little as possible. Two and one half  hours later we had collected a cactus, three Buckwheat plants, two Yucca plants, and a native Juniper. We were ready to return to civilization with our prizes.

Hopefully they will live and be beautiful additions to the Tehachapi Museum Native Plant Display.

Thanks Georgette and Harold, for including me in this memorable experience!

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