Month: April 2014

Preparing For Spring in the Tehachapi Garden

Preparing for Spring Main Photo

Most of us in T-town are transplants. We arrived here for different reasons, but one thing many of us have in common is the challenge of gardening in a totally unfamiliar place. My first attempt at beautifying my landscape was a total flop. About two weeks after we moved into our home I went to…

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Hosting a Garden Wedding: There’s No Place Like Home!

planning a garden wedding

In the not too distant past my husband and I hosted the wedding of our youngest son at our home. The October wedding was beautiful and memorable and absolutely perfectly imperfect. It is no small undertaking to have a wedding in your garden, so my advice is to be prepared. Just as you would not…

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Asking For More While Using Less: Bringing Nature Home to the Water Wise Garden

Drought is a fact of life in California. Having lived here all my life I have observed a cycle that goes like this: It appears we may be in a drought, we are in a drought, we may be coming out of the drought, we are finally out of the drought. California is always somewhere…

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Growing Your Own in California

In our crazy busy lives carving out a little space for something that forces you to slow down and enjoy nature is soothing to the mind and body. Creating a small garden in California is within reach for even the most gardening challenged among us. A raised bed as small as four feet by four feet…

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