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Landscaping in the Tehachapi, and surrounding Kern County

Collecting Native Plants

March is the prime time for moving plants here in Tehachapi, so a couple of friends and I went to Horse Canyon to try our hand at digging up a few native plants for the Tehachapi Museum display garden. Georgette […]


Coral Bark Maple Makeover

The Coral Bark Maple is really high on my list for winter beauty. The cold weather brings out the red in the bark and makes it a stunning focal point in the winter garden. My friend and client, Linda, called […]


Heavenly Hellebores

Commonly called Lenten Rose: Obviously because they bloom during the season of Lent! These rugged plants surprise me with their ability to withstand abuse. Today there has been some dramatic weather. Rain and snow are par for the course, but […]


Dramatic Winter Blooms

During March the phone rings off the hook! I love meeting new people and helping them with their garden plans. This week I visited a home not far from mine, to consult on a memorial garden. As I approached the house […]


Managing March

Something happens to me every year in March.  My calendar gets stacked with client appointments, and the “to do” list for my own garden is so very long! This is a busy season! There is just no getting around it. […]