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Landscaping in the Tehachapi, and surrounding Kern County

Wipe Your Paws

There are so many things that we use to embellish our gardens and make them uniquely our own. One of those things is to add some garden art. It could be statuary, plaques, custom stepping stones, signage, etc… When I […]


Containers with Clout! Part 1- Choosing the Right Pot

  The instant gratification of planting a container is irresistible to me. I have no more ground left for new plantings, but the possibilities for planting up a new container are endless. Containers have many roles in my garden. They […]


Sowing the Seeds of Victory

The world was at war. Labor and transportation shortages made it difficult to harvest and move fruits and vegetables to market. Trains and trucks were busy transporting soldiers, vehicles and weapons, so most Americans ate local produce grown in their […]


Fire Safe Gardening

As last year’s blaze showed us, fire can strike at any time. If you have explored your surroundings in Tehachapi at all, you will see plenty of evidence of that. Thousands of acres have been left blackened and scarred by […]



I am so… busy! I am blessed to have work coming out my ears. I am sitting in my office listening to the birds chirp outside my window, and earlier I was out visiting clients and job sites on this […]