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Landscaping in the Tehachapi, and surrounding Kern County

Incorporating Water into the Garden

Gardening is an activity which involves all the senses. The smell of fresh dirt, the taste of home grown vegetables, the vision of a well designed flower bed. When the element of water is combined with the landscape an extra […]


Tree Planting Do’s & Don’ts

Beautiful, healthy trees are an asset to any landscape. The enjoyment they bring for people of all ages make the initial investment of time and money well worth the cost. Do it Right: Site the tree properly, allowing room for […]


Steps for Tree Planting & Solutions to Common Mistakes

One common mistakes is planting the tree too deep. Correct planting depth is essential for the long term health of the tree. Plant so that the root flare (also called the crown) is above the finished landscape grade when transplanting […]


When is the Best time to Plant Trees? Fall!

The weather is starting to cool down. Brilliant shades of red, orange and gold are starting to show up in the garden. It is time to take stock of the landscape and think about planting any new trees that would […]