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Landscaping in the Tehachapi, and surrounding Kern County

My Top Five Native Plants for Tehachapi

Using more native plants in the landscape is an easy way to get on the road to sustainability. Here are my top five native plants for Tehachapi: 1. Deer Grass- Muhlenbergia rigens I have found this grass growing at several […]


Sustainable Landscapes: Gardening in Harmony With Nature

  For some, sustainability means being environmentally responsible, while to others it means a garden that is very low maintenance, still other people may define it as being a landscape that is cost effective. If the words ‘sustainable landscape’ conjures […]


My Secret Weapon Against Weeds: Preemergence Herbicide

In the war against weeds there is a secret weapon I turn to twice a year to make my battle easier to win. It is a preemergence herbicide. Without it I can tell you the weeds would have taken over […]


Warm Winter Weather

Today is an unseasonably warm winter day here in Tehachapi. The thermometer reads 62 degrees fahrenheit in the shade, on the north side of my house. It is a fair guess that it is 70 degrees on the front porch. Wow! […]


Hens-and-Chicks: Gems of the Garden!

In recent years the increase in water wise landscapes has sparked a revival of interest in succulents. Among the many varieties that I use is the particularly tough and hardy Hens-and-Chicks. These plants look like fleshy rosettes and surround themselves with […]