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Landscaping in the Tehachapi, and surrounding Kern County

Daffodils in the Landscape

In every design project I work on I enjoy placing focal points. Two of the questions I ask myself in the design process are “Does this entry reflect the personal tastes and style of the client? Is it inviting?” In […]


Praying Mantis: Intriguing Garden Companion

  Praying Mantis: These creatures are absorbing. When I see one I am always compelled to watch it for a while. They seem to be holding their prominent front legs in an attitude of prayer, which is an activity that […]


Outstanding Design Plant: Purple Smoke Bush

Purple Smoke Bush is one of those plants that has so many good qualities that I use it over and over in garden design. The leaves emerge a reddish purple in spring, deepening to a rich, deep purple in summer, […]


How Often Do I Water?

If I could sum up all the stories I have heard about watering woes into one word I would say it is FRUSTRATION! I am frequently asked the question “How often do I water my plants? (or lawn, trees, houseplants, […]


Lemon Trees in Tehachapi?

I believe that gardening should be fun as well as functional! I have one plant that is in no way practical, but delights me immensely. It is my Meyer lemon tree. or should I say trees? I own two! I […]